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Another 78M PSV Named “MANIVIKI ROVER” Successfully Delivered

|Date:2014.11.06 08:45|

    At the beginning of November 2014, good news spread into every corner of Fujian Southeast Shipyard again. After successfully delivered two 65M AHTS vessels, the delivery ceremony of the vessel 78M PSV named “MANIVIKI ROVER” held in FSES on November 4th, 2014. It is our first-built 78M PSV under the survey of the Classification Society of ABS with a notation of X A1(E) Offshore Support Vessel(SUPPLY-HNLS, FFV1,OSR-C2), XAMS, XACCU, XDPS-2, SPS,HDC(5.5t/m2,main deck). | This| successful delivery will strongly demonstrate its conformity and |practicability to current mar|ket demand. ||


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