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Keel Laying of DN65m V-3


DN65M V-3 built for "VROON" was keel laid on No.2 track on Nov. 30, 2015!


Successful Delivery of NC708


78m NC708 built for "Nam Cheong" was delivered smoothly on Nov. 28, 2015!


Successful Launching of DN65M V-1


DN65M V-1 built for "VROON" was launched smoothly and berthed in the old wharf on Nov. 27, 2015!


Launching News on 20,000T Slipway


Launching news on the 20,000T slipway, the key carrying platform: DN75M-22 built for "vega" was launched successfully on Nov. 13, 2015; DN85M-5 built for "COASTAL" was launched smoothly on Nov. 15, 2015.

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