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DN60M-1 Successfully Delivered on January 6th, 2015


The Emergency Response & Rescue Vessel DN60M-1 was successfully delivered to European owner on January 6th, 2015 and sailed for its serving nation from Dongnan Dock at AM 10:30. The successful construction of this first-built vessel will mark a gr…

65M AHTS Vessel SK503 Delivered on Dec 12nd, 2014


On Dec 12nd, 2014, 65M AHTS Vessel SK503 departed the Funing dock and sailed to Vietnam. She was built for our Malaysian…


One UT755CD Vessel Successfully Delivered


One UT755CD vessel “JASA KENYALANG” with the hull No.: NC707 was successfully delivered on the morning of Dec 9th, 2014. This vessel was built for our Malaysian owner. As one of the UT755CD serial vessels, she was designed by Rolls Royce under the c…

Another 78M PSV Named “MANIVIKI ROVER” Successfully Delivered


At the beginning of November 2014, good news spread into every corner of Fujian Southeast Shipyard again. After successfully delivered two 65M AHTS Vessels, the delivery ceremony of the vessel 78M PSV named “MANIVIKI ROVER” held in FSES on November …

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